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The Do’s and Don’ts for Maintaining Your Deck During Canadian Winters

Date: Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Building a deck and then maintaining it is a very difficult task as several factors needs to be considered in order to come up with a list of Do’s and Don’ts. In case of extreme weather conditions like snow fall or rain etc., people wish to sit on their deck and enjoy but at the same time they want to ensure that after a particular season ends, the condition of the deck remains the same. Harsh weather conditions like Canadian winters can leave the deck in very bad shape. However, if people wish to ensure that their deck is in a proper condition, even after the winters end, then they should follow the dos and don’ts list mentioned below:

The Do’s for Maintaining the Deck during Canadian Winters

As soon as the winter season starts, make sure all the planters that are placed on your deck are moved indoors as plants can create a lot of moisture that can end up accumulating on your deck. Moisture can cause the deck to shrink or cracks might appear on the deck as soon as winter ends. Moreover, moving your plants indoor can also protect them from cold.

Furthermore, make sure that the deck is cleaned and sealed properly before it starts to snow. Snow has the tendency to penetrate the wood and it can have an effect on the structure of your deck. Hence all debris needs to be removed and water-repellant finish needs to be applied so that the deck is preserved during the winter season.

Apart from this, make sure that the deck and all the furniture that is placed on the deck is covered properly. Metal furniture tends to rust quickly which can leave stains on the wood of your deck. Hence, in order to avoid rust stains, make sure that all the furniture is packed properly. If the furniture cannot be packed then remove it or else you might have to repair your deck all over again the very next season.

Apart from this, make sure that an exit path is maintained throughout the winter season on your deck as that way you would know the right path. It will also act as an alternate route in emergency situations. Clean the exit path daily and remove the snow from the path as much as you can.

Many people use cat litter to prevent snow from accumulating on the deck especially on wooden surfaces that are made up of 100 percent wooden material.

The Don’ts for Maintaining the Deck during Canadian Winters

If you are planning to clean the path or the snow that has accumulated on your deck then make sure that you are not using metal shovel to complete that task. Metal shovel can remove the finishing that was applied on the deck before the snowfall or it can even leave scratches on your deck thus destroying and ruining its overall look. It is better to use a plastic shovel, as they tend to remove snow without creating any scratches on the floor.

Make sure that you are not letting source of moisture stand on your deck for a long period of time. If snow melts and it seeps in to your wood then it will lead to discoloration and in some cases, it also makes the wood lose its strength to withstand any source of pressure and force. Remove the source of moisture as soon as you can or else you might end up ruining the look of your deck.

Avoid using salt to prevent the ice from accumulating. If salt is added on the floor of the deck to prevent icing then it can weaken your deck. If you really wish to de-ice your deck then contact your local suppliers to provide you with a salt free de-icing agent.

If you wish to get more idea regarding the dos and don’ts of maintaining your deck then it is better to contact the deck builders. They can provide you with the best option. Do not compromise on the maintenance of your deck as you might end up repairing the whole deck the very next season. Maintenance can cost very less as compared to being careful and following the list of do’s and don’ts.


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