LEARN HOW TO: Maintain Control Of

Your Project - Your Money - Your Contractor!

Welcome to the “Home Remodeling Bootcamp For Women”

An easy to use, online course that will give you the confidence to manage your project, hire the right contractor and have a drama-free, successful remodel that YOU control!

And where you will :

  • Gain Confidence and peace of mind with your remodel

    Learn how you can find a competent, ethical contractor YOU can trust!

    …and avoiding those shady contractors that will ruin your remodel

  • Learn how to protect your property from costly Mechanics’ Liens

    …what you must do to ensure you’re not vulnerable to fraudulent liens and loose control of your money or your property!

  • Learn how to avoid paying twice for work performed that you thought was paid!

    …Controlling payments to the contractor and subs is crucial or project costs can and will escalate

  • Easily avoid the “extra work” invoices that you can blindly hit you

    …understanding what verbiage you need to include in your contracts, and why you should never skip this step! So many people do and get into trouble!

  • Ensure you get quality work and materials

    …understand the language that must be included and how it needs to be spelled out

  • Learn how to properly review bids and estimates

    …understanding how to compare bids so you don’t miss important details and end up with less than you expected and then having to pay more

Have greater control with payments, invoices, funding and control companies

    …know when to pay, how much, when and what you should expect in return

Uncover the truth about license checks, references and “friends” referrals

    …find out why and what you should do to avoid the most common mistakes made that ruin your remodel experience and can hurt you financially

  • Thoroughly learn to vet a contractor that uncovers any secrets..

    License checks are just a necessary formality…You need to know questions to ask, types of background checks, evaluating responses that makes all the difference in choosing the right contractor

Ready to have Peace of mind with your remodel and your choices? Read on….


What You Get When You Join

Simple to understand, step-by-step guidelines taking you through what you need to know and do to begin planning your project and finding a contractor you can trust.

15 Modules that take you through:

  • Plans and Specifications

  • Permits

  • Bids and Estimates

  • Hiring Contractors

  • Insurance Requirements

  • Payments and Deposits

  • Change Orders

  • Mechanics Liens

  • Navigating Written Agreements

  • Warranties

  • Communicating and working with Contractors

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Done-For-You Research on State Contractor Laws

  • AND access to me during your membership when you need clarification on anything!

  • Plus, a sample Bid Proposal template and downloads through out the course to help you understand and recognize the different forms used in construction and how they can protect you.

Who Should Enroll?

  • Homeowners who are planning on remodeling their home - especially women** - who want to find an experienced, honest and reliable contractor but aren’t confident they can

  • Any homeowner who is afraid they’ll make a mistake by hiring a bad contractor and will end up in financial and emotional distress

  • Anyone who wants to avoid a home remodeling nightmare, reduce their exposure to potentially serious problems and end up getting burned by a bad contractor.

  • This alone is a blessing not everyone gets to experience!

  • You’ve heard the horror stories and want to protect your money from being wasted on poor choices and you’re NOT 100% confident that you know what steps to take first or even what those steps are!

    ( And what you don’t know is a lot and can harm you in the end! )

  • You’re someone who got involved with a bad contractor, need guidance on what to do to handle the situation and what steps you should take and you don’t want to repeat the same scenario when you hire another contractor to finish the project.

  • You understand that there are risks in renovating and working with contractors and you don’t want to become another victim of a “home remodeling nightmare”.

  • **(Why women? Because when it comes to the home, women typically have the final say on choices that affect their home - but men are welcome to join as well.)

  • My former “mess” has become my message.

    Plain and simple, I learned the hard way and came out on top against all odds and I’m on a mission to use my experience to help others AVOID THE PAIN OF A REMODELING PROJECT GONE WRONG!

  • Ready to experience a stress-free remodeling project that will have you feeling good about the choices you’ve made and a contractor you enjoy working with?

  • Your investment of $97 is a small price to pay to protect yourself from the most common mistakes made by homeowners that have cost them ten of thousands of dollars and more!

  • Register now for the “Home Remodeling Bootcamp For Women” and get informed on all things you need to know moving forward with your project.

    (And if you’re a guy, you are welcome to join as well)